Fionnuala Kirby (Celtic Harpist)


I am a Celtic Harpist, and I play regularly for restaurants, parties and weddings. I play an Ossian-style Clarsach, made by Tim Hampson, of Bere Ferrers, Devon. My repertoire consists of a wide selection of traditional English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Paraguayan tunes, and is constantly growing.

I learnt classical piano at school and sung in choirs and on stage. I did a degree in languages, then travelled to India, where I met my partner, who is from Devon. After years of singing along to a guitar, I was given a harp for my 33rd birthday. I taught myself for a year from a book before we left Devon with our two children to explore Europe, with busking as our main income.

My harp-playing has developed through four years playing on the streets of France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, including several private performances. We have spent a lot of time in the "Artists' Village" of Ruigoord, near Amsterdam.

Now settled back on the edge of Dartmoor, we are enjoying the peace, while still home-educating our two children. I now have the time and space to develop my own music and add vocals to traditional and original tunes. I have a very spiritual outlook on life, love gardening and the outdoors, and I am uncomfortable with much of what is presently going on in the world.


The following links are to some recordings (Recorded September 2011, Tavistock, Devon, U.K.).

The Coolin
The Belfast Hornpipe
Planxty Eleanor Plunckett
The Blackbird
Taimse im Chodladh

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